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Bob and Tia Rieck Team

Northern Michigan Real Estate Sales Team


Serving Northern Michigan

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Among top producing real estate sales teams in Northern Michigan

Award winning

65 years of combined sales experience


Whether buying or selling real estate, we would love the opportunity to earn your business!

-Bob, Tia & Raquel

Real Estate Sales

$316.3 Million in Real Estate - 1,178 Units Sold!

Meet the Team

Bob and Tia Rieck Team - $316.3 Million in Real Estate - 1,178 Units Sold! Salespeople make the difference. Selling Real Estate involves so much more than putting a sign in the yard and posting pretty photos/videos. The phone can ring and an email or text can be received but what happens after that? True real estate sales experience requires knowledge about the required real estate documents and the ability to build relationships, convert leads, negotiate terms and successfully take a transaction to the closing table. Bob and Tia Rieck have a proven track record encompassing all of these abilities with 65 years of combined sales experience. Bob and Tia both grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, where they met and eventually got married. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Tia worked in property management and soon after she started her career in real estate. She has practiced real estate for 31 years and has a background working in title insurance, adding to her experience. Bob received a degree in Industrial Supervision & Management with a Plastics Engineering concentration and began a sales career. He then purchased his father’s tool and dye business and grew the company for many years, managing 85 employees. After years of running a business and gaining unmatched experience, he joined Tia in real estate and they combined forces to sell real estate as a team. Bob and Tia specialize in listing and selling real estate. They have led the way in downtown Traverse City condominium sales over the last 20 years. In addition, they are also highly experienced in residential home & water, vacant land, storage unit development and commercial sales in Northern Michigan. They've expanded their experience by purchasing, dividing and selling their own land and can offer their knowledge to assist with the land division process for anyone wanting to do the same. In 2021, Bob and Tia’s daughter, Raquel joined their real estate team and has greatly assisted them. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Raquel co-founded a business with her boyfriend. While still being involved in her own business, she enjoys working with her parents. Their passions include Lake Michigan beaches and sunsets, boating, hunting, golfing, hiking and more. Bob and Tia are truly grateful to their clients for allowing them to do what they love - sell real estate.